Nobody is all good. Sometimes not even the person you love most in the world, the one who’s never supposed to disappoint. 

Eighteen-year-old Evalee Wilson’s life changes in less than two trips of the minute hand around the clock. One minute and thirty-nine seconds it takes for her father to have his hands clasped behind his back, for him to be arrested for the murder of twelve teenage girls. In one minute and thirty-nine seconds, Evalee will never again know a life that’s simple and good and easy, one where monsters live in closets and not the pictures by her bed.

During the year preceding the trial, Evalee seeks solace from being ostracized from society, finding that she may actually be in more danger than her father. He has cement walls, practiced meal times, and bulletproof glass protecting him, and she has…herself and Jace, her childhood friend, the only person still by her side. In hope of no longer feeling alienated, Evalee, attends a therapy group led by Jack Edwards, an expert psychologist, specializing in teenagers whom have family members that have committed monstrous acts.

When one from the group is killed, the magnifying glass turns on them, the gene that could’ve been shared, or the nurture to which they were brought up on. Evalee, finds she fits somewhere between them all, amongst the anger and the hate, and all the bad things in the world. Suddenly, life isn’t about senior year, and prom, college, or graduating. It’s about surviving, rejecting the title of Monster Spawn, bonding with anyone she can, and realizing that sometimes parents aren’t who they’re supposed to be.

But how do you give up on the only thing that’s loved you back in this world? How do you betray the idea of your father? Because if indeed her father is guilty…what

would that make her?